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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 516 pen erect
“Use my own . ” Hao Ren started the River-Mountain peak Qian-Kun Piece of art .
“Let’s go . ” Su Han position the token back inside her human body and instantly commenced going .
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The Demon Sea… Demon Sea again… Anytime Hao Ren noticed these thoughts, his nerve would jump . Also, youre pretty eyesight-getting nowadays? Su Hao waved the inspectors token in her fretting hand and mentioned . The inspectors tokens had been the well known dharma treasures in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . But not only could they locate the spot of near by inspectors, but they also may possibly also collect many different information through the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Su Han go through within the reports she acquired inside the expression throughout the short while she improved, and she surely could without delay discover what happened in the To the west Seas Dragon Palace . Hehe… hehe… Hao Ren smiled awkwardly . He did not dare being very pleased in front of Su Han . Each Five-Mountain peak Bracelets could actually restrain him . Do not bring about all those demon beasts from the Demon Ocean . In accordance with my information and facts, the area of Demon Water near Eastern Seashore Dragon Clan has Snow Crystal Corals, which are good for strengthening the calibre of natal dharma treasures . If you are curious, you could possibly consist of me . If youre not attracted, Unwell go by itself, Su Han mentioned . Her speech was cool, but Hao Ren could inform she wished for him to choose her . The knowledge about the Snowfall Crystal Corals isnt new, but Su Han hadnt carried out everything until currently . This means she is waiting around for me to choose her… Hao Ren thinking . Positive . Ill opt for you, Hao Ren claimed . Enables go . Su Han put the token back inside her human body and without delay started transferring . Like what he possessed envisioned, Su Han was planning to complement Hao Ren . Even so, Hao Ren didnt understand that Su Han was about to use him for a meats s.h.i.+eld… They walked from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Su Han had taken out her longsword and able to take flight . She possessed this longsword for 3 years . She was just at Kun-amount when she first attained it . This longsword was enough on her behalf right before, but she was now at top rated-tier Qian-amount and in some cases crafted a smaller discovery within the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Which had been why she required to enrich this dharma jewel and get ready for the Divine Tribulation . She wasnt the only person who idea she should enrich her weapon . Hao Ren also noticed that she should do it . In fact, Su Han was obviously a Qian-degree cultivator, but her natal dharma treasures good quality was worse yet than Zeng Yitaos . It didnt satisfy her condition . When a natal dharma treasure have been too weakened, it would limitation the users power . A different downside was that it couldnt hold up against powerful nature essences . If Su Han was combating anyone powerful, and her sword broke, there could be severe effects . Su Han had out her longsword and jumped onto it . She noticed that Hao Ren froze on the spot and couldnt aid but speed him, Why arent you coming on? Use my own . Hao Ren established the River-Mountain / hill Qian-Kun Painting . Su Han regarded that was Zhao Hongyus River-Hill Qian-Kun Painting as she possessed viewed it just before . It turned out greater, but its quickness wasnt that rapid it turned out slower as opposed to touring velocity of her sword . Su Han wished for performance and not just convenience . Hao Ren didnt value Su Hans responses . He achieved out and dragged her on . Su Hans confront was chilly, and she was getting upset . Even so, the River-Mountain peak Qian-Kun Painting flew out of your Dragon G.o.d Shrine on the blink of an vision . Hua… It turned out almost the speed associated with a Soul Modification Realm cultivator . Su Han did not expect to have these kinds of velocity, so she almost declined over the Stream-Hill Qian-Kun Artwork . When she was about to tumble, she quickly grabbed onto Hao Rens left arm . Hao Ren smiled and improved the speed substantially more . He wasnt acting to be neat . It absolutely was which the faster the pace, the safer it had been . Su Hans longsword wasnt sluggish, although with two people onto it, all those Modification World demon beasts could produce colossal surf and drag them within the h2o . The primitive treasures from the Nine Dragon Palace are incredible… Su Han slowly release Hao Rens left arm and believed to herself . Whoos.h.!.+ The River-Mountain / hill Qian-Kun Piece of art made a spectrum simply because it flew crossed the ocean . The primitive treasures from your Nine Dragon Palace ended up mostly basic, but this Stream-Mountain / hill Qian-Kun Painting was among the couple of treasures that were delicate and exquisite . Hao Ren acquired used the Stream-Hill Qian-Kun Artwork to travel folks around right now, and he all of a sudden sensed like he was obviously a taxi cab person . Having said that, he would still have to return this Stream-Mountain peak Qian-Kun Artwork to Zhao Hongyu . Tiny Bright white was returning soon, so he could abandon the duty of hauling individuals around to Minimal Bright white . The soldiers of Eastern Sea who had been secret on the ocean noticed the Stream-Mountain / hill Qian-Kun Painting . On the other hand, they was without enough time to emerge and welcome since it was too quickly . The Demon Water! The Immortal Character Area, that had been between Eastern side Beach Dragon Clan along with the Demon Sea, showed up right before Hao Ren . In the water! Su Han mentioned . She had out her longsword, showing that she was alerted . Hao Ren made a power sphere because they dived in the water . The water seemed no not the same as that from the territory under Eastern side Seashore Dragon Clans manage . Just about everywhere was tranquil, and the environmentally friendly aquatic flowers flowed gently . Hao Ren set aside the River-Mountain Qian-Kun Artwork and implemented Su Han directly . Su Hans long dark colored robe fluttered while using surf, and she showed a sooth and tranquil beauty . Do not open the energy sphere . Itll attentive the demon beasts near by . Su Haos phrases were actually presented to Hao Rens brain from the tokens . Typically, only those cultivators higher than the Nascent Soul World could mail sound transmitting . Nonetheless, with the inspectors token, they can speak through religious detects, which managed to get an excellent hassle-free dharma jewel once they went on holidays or were definitely checking a criminal offense scene . Hao Ren heard Su Hans notice when he was only about to put away the vitality sphere . He quickly stopped and tried to cover his aura . Su Hao stumbled on the Demon Water to acquire Snowfall Crystal Corals . She was included with Hao Ren mainly because they could look out for one another and may even converse conveniently from the tokens . She didnt expect to have him to be able to shock apart all those substantial-level demon beasts . Inspectors would move in teams once you have quests from that elder about the initial flooring of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Su Han didnt like teaming plan persons and try to proved helpful by themselves . This resulted in she couldnt pay a visit to damaging areas . Having said that, Hao Ren was actually a trusted partner . Demon beast, Su Hao warned and transformed imperceptible quickly . d.a.m.n… Hao Ren seen that he couldnt sense Su Hans aura, so he understood that she experienced employed a Qian-ranges process and went into complete stealth . Level 3 demon beast, not strong . Youre in charge of luring it gone . Su Han initially swam elegantly such as a squid to cover up amongst dense aquatic flowers after which bought Hao Ren with the token . Hao Rens go numbed he realized that he became a lure! The amount 3 demon beast came over . It found Hao Ren and hurried through that has a roar . Many thanks! Su Hans distinct speech was carried to Hao Ren through spiritual senses . Hao Ren hurried to back out of the Demon Sea, although the levels 3 demon monster swam and chased him closely . Such a lower-amount demon beasts didnt have intellect so they couldnt calculate the visible difference in energy between themselves together with their opponents . They merely recognized how to assault . There were many most of these low-stage demon beasts from the outskirts from the Demon Ocean . The moment a cultivator was slowed down down by one particular, a lot of would comply with . The Snow Crystal Corals that Su Han was looking for had been during the borders from the Demon Seas, not far from the areas in the Eastern Water Dragon Clan . She became a Qian-level cultivator, so she wasnt fearful of these reduced-degree demon beasts . But when these small-level demon beasts followed her and built big noises, she would appeal to amount 8 or 9 demon beasts . There seemed to be possible she might even pull the attention of demon kings . Even so, farming was about having potential risks and achieving huge returns . Su Han hid her aura while her psychic feels propagate within the vicinity . The nature basis power of the Demon Seas was higher, hence the psychic herbal plants and dharma treasures were many times superior to those out of doors . Rumour had it how the aspect substance power in the middle of the Demon Water was a large number of situations much stronger than that of the outskirts . The centre was similar to a the outdoors fact early spring, along with the aspect heart and soul below 5th Paradise originated in there . Nonetheless, no-one possessed showed this theory . It had been observed that the Incredible Dragon experienced only went 1-next in, and that he was kicked out from there . The strength of the demon kings in the Demon Water was too powerful . Perhaps the Dragon G.o.d Shrine was frightened, therefore the Demon Water grew to be among the several constrained destinations for inspectors . It was also the most well known location while using the least quantity of offered facts If this werent for increasing the calibre of her natal dharma cherish to combat the Incredible Tribulation, Su Han would never be able to possibility it, regardless of whether it had been only the outskirts of your Demon Water . Demon Water, Demon Sea… According to the less strong demon kings who needed protection with the Eastern side Water Dragon Clan, there are 100s of well-known demon california king during the Demon Sea, and the number of Transformation Kingdom demon beasts was even more! Hurry up! Hao Ren couldnt guide but help remind Su Han since he sensed she was moving more and further away from him .  Im high-quality . You be careful . Su Hans tranquil voice was transferred to Hao Ren over the expression . From the sound of it, she was still looking after him . Hao Ren got the River-Mountain Qian-Kun Piece of art, so he could use total rate to escape from all of these minimal-levels demon beasts if it was essential . Even so, he was concerned about Su Han . There was already tens of point 3 and point 4 demon beasts going after Hao Ren . Hao Ren rode his sword electricity and swam over the normal water at great performance . Excellent! The Demon Sea absolutely sure has loads of information! Hao Ren been told Su Hans shocked tone of voice through his expression . Su Han was even surprised… It needs to be an incredible arena . Hao Ren was able to envision what Su Han had witnessed . Fox Immortal Herbs, Dark Dragon Bone fragments Gra.s.s, Motherly Whiskers, Corresponding Leaf Blossom, Golden Ginseng… Su Han listed the titles . What are you looking for? Unwell get if to suit your needs! I do not know much . Unwell bring all of them! Hao Ren mentioned as he carried on to emerge from . d.a.m.n you! Su Han was obviously a bit infuriated . Hao Ren planned to laugh as he listened to Su Hans words and phrases . Internet marketing definitely not great at this stuff, and I still have to go get Snowfall Crystal Corals . Ill go with three Dark colored Dragon Bone for you . Its an effective substance for recovery ointments . It could number as my treat for your requirements, Su Han claimed through the inspectors tokens . Okay! Hao Ren didnt attention because he wasnt absolutely sure about religious herbal treatments possibly . All of a sudden, a demon monster billed before Hao Ren, so he were forced to struck it with five sword energies, posting it traveling by air . Although these were lower-point demon beasts, Hao Ren didnt wish to kill them as long as they didnt get out of the restrictions from the Demon Sea . Degree 10 demon beast! Hao Ren read Su Hans shriek from his spiritual sensory faculties . Boom! Surf all of a sudden rolled up on the Demon Seas .
Su Han needed out her longsword and wanting to take flight .
Yet another weakness was that it couldn’t resist formidable mother nature essences . If Su Han was dealing with a person impressive, and her sword shattered, there will be critical repercussions .
She was actually a Qian-degree cultivator, so she wasn’t scared of these lower-amount demon beasts . However, if these reduced-point demon beasts followed her and designed huge sounds, she would appeal to degree 8 or 9 demon beasts . There was clearly a possibility she may possibly sketch the eye of demon kings .
“d.a.m.n…” Hao Ren realized that he couldn’t perception Su Han’s aura, so he recognized she acquired utilized a Qian-level’s technique and went into finish stealth .
Su Hao arrived at the Demon Seas to get Snow Crystal Corals . She was included with Hao Ren because they could be aware of each other well and could communicate conveniently throughout the tokens . She didn’t expect to have him so that you can frighten out individuals large-amount demon beasts .
Su Han’s longsword wasn’t gradual, but with 2 people into it, the Change Kingdom demon beasts could generate gigantic surf and drag them within the liquid .
One other weakness was that it couldn’t withstand strong character essences . If Su Han was struggling anyone strong, and her sword broke, there can be extreme consequences .
The Immortal Soul Isle, that was between Eastern Ocean Dragon Clan plus the Demon Sea, appeared just before Hao Ren .
Hao Ren smiled and elevated the rate substantially more .
Su Han was even surprised… It ought to be a fantastic picture . Hao Ren was able to imagine what Su Han got witnessed .
The level 3 demon beast came up through . It observed Hao Ren and hurried around by using a roar .
“Rush up!” Hao Ren couldn’t aid but point out to Su Han since he sensed she was switching further more and further faraway from him .
“Degree 10 demon beast!” Hao Ren listened to Su Han’s shriek from his psychic detects .
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The type fact concentration of the Demon Ocean was high, hence the divine plants and dharma treasures had been very often superior to individuals outside . Rumour had it that the the outdoors heart and soul intensity in the heart of the Demon Ocean was countless periods stronger than that of the outskirts . The center was just like a aspect heart and soul springtime, as well as the outdoors basis below Fifth Heaven came from there .
“The Demon Sea… Demon Sea again…” Each and every time Hao Ren been told these words and phrases, his neural would jump .
Hao Ren heard Su Han’s forewarning when he was just intending to set aside the force sphere . He quickly ceased and tried to cover his aura .
“I’m great . You take care . ” Su Han’s tranquil voice was transmitted to Hao Ren via the expression . From the noise of it, she was still taking care of him .
Su Han took out her longsword and ready to travel .
Su Han sought pace and not just coziness .
Su Hao came to the Demon Ocean to have Snow Crystal Corals . She came with Hao Ren since they could look for each other well and may converse conveniently via the tokens . She didn’t expect to have him so that you can terrify absent individuals higher-amount demon beasts .
“In the ocean!” Su Han mentioned .
“Don’t lead to individuals demon beasts inside the Demon Sea . In accordance with my facts, the area of Demon Seas near East Seas Dragon Clan has Snowfall Crystal Corals, which are good for enhancing the standard of natal dharma treasures . If you’re curious, you could come with me . If you’re not intrigued, I’ll go by yourself,” Su Han said .
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“I’m good . You be aware . ” Su Han’s tranquil tone of voice was passed on to Hao Ren from the token . From the noise of it, she was still taking good care of him .
Inspectors would relocate squads once you have quests from that elder in the first ground on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine . Su Han didn’t like teaming track of people today and try to proved helpful by themselves . This resulted in she couldn’t go to hazardous locations . Having said that, Hao Ren was obviously a trustworthy lover .
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Demon Seas, Demon Sea… In accordance with the less strong demon kings who searched for protection within the East Seas Dragon Clan, there are 100s of prominent demon queen from the Demon Sea, and the quantity of Transformation Kingdom demon beasts was even more!
“Let’s go . ” Su Han assemble the expression back inside her human body and promptly started switching .
“The Demon Sea… Demon Ocean again…” Anytime Hao Ren heard these terms, his neural would bounce .
Hao Ren desired to giggle when he read Su Han’s phrases .
Hao Ren’s mind numbed he discovered that he was really a lure!
“Amount 3 demon beast, not solid . You’re accountable for tempting it apart . ” Su Han very first swam elegantly such as a squid to hide amongst packed water plants and obtained Hao Ren throughout the token .
Su Han was even surprised… It ought to be a fantastic scene . Hao Ren surely could envision what Su Han possessed seen .
Su Han was even surprised… It should be a wonderful picture . Hao Ren could just imagine what Su Han possessed found .
Hao Ren been told Su Han’s alert as he was just getting ready to put away the energy sphere . He quickly quit and aimed to cover his atmosphere .
The water looked no not the same as that from the territory under Eastern Sea Dragon Clan’s control . Everywhere was tranquil, and also the natural green water plant life flowed gently .
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He failed to dare to be proud when in front of Su Han . The 2 Five-Mountain Bracelets were able to control him .
Hua… It turned out almost the pace of any Spirit Modification Kingdom cultivator .
“Also, you’re pretty attention-capturing these days?” Su Hao waved the inspector’s expression in her fretting hand and reported .
“I’m certainly not proficient at this stuff, so i still need to go obtain Snow Crystal Corals . I’ll opt for three Dark Dragon Bone for you . It’s a good factor for curing ointments . It might count as my treat for your needs,” Su Han claimed from the inspector’s tokens .
“Let’s go . ” Su Han assemble the token back inside her human body and quickly begun moving .

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